About me.


My name is Joe. Last year I was working fulltime as a dietitian in remote Australian Aboriginal communities.

Me in 2012 at the Tour de France

This year I’m a… well frankly, not quite sure. A few names have been thrown around:

  • freelance writer
  • content marketer
  • copywriter
  • digital nomad (so cool)
  • appreneur
  • self-employed
  • unemployed
  • deadest weirdo

I like to think I’m a jack of all trades… master of none.

What Is SpoonFed Cred.?

I created SpoonFed Cred. to share unbiased, credible food facts and fitness advice – with no bullshit. By sharing this info and advice in a way that’s enjoyable and realistic, I aim to help people on a big scale.

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I started this blog in 2012 whilst I was working in Indigenous health. The aim was to share practical tips on what I had learnt in the nutrition field, as well as highlight the challenges and realities faced by Aboriginal people in their communities.

Unfortunately those plans got messed up by some assholes gentlemen, so I no longer do that.

Click here to see what happened, and what I plan on doing next!


Ps. I’m available for hire for writing projects! Feel free to give me a yell over here.

I can draw for you too if you like. See, a cat.worst drawer ever