The Incredible Weight Watchers Hoax

Check out my first slideshow below. It’s a bit of fun but the message is serious at the same time. And it only takes 3 minutes to flick through- the slides are very short and FUNNY (well I think so anyways). Enjoy. Incredible Weight Watchers Hoax from Joe Leech

Attention: New nutrition e-course! No charge.

Instant Protein Ninja course

Just want to let you know I’ve made a new and exclusive Email course, humbly titled the Instant Protein Ninja course. Check it out over here! It’s a FREE, 6-part e-course that puts protein foods and supplements under the microscope. After the course you’ll never be fooled by the fitness industry again! And you’ll know exactly what protein foods […]

Hey You! Quit Being Such A Dirty Neophiliac.


Woa. Hang on. Did you just think of necrophiliac? Yeah you did. Not cool, reader. And you’ve probably never heard of neophilia either (I hadn’t until three months ago). And why do we all know what necrophilia is? So wrong. Anyways… Neophilia noun ‘the tendency to like anything new; the love of novelty’. And if […]