Chronic Inflammation Is The Real Killer (And 6 Foods That Reduce It)


This is one of my articles originally published on Care2. You can view it here. Obesity greatly increases your risk for disease (such as diabetes and heart  disease). We know that already. But is being overweight truly the direct  cause? The short answer is, well, no. In fact, being obese doesn’t directly cause you any health problems  at all.

The Incredible Weight Watchers Hoax

Check out my first slideshow below. It’s a bit of fun but the message is serious at the same time. And it only takes 3 minutes to flick through- the slides are very short and FUNNY (well I think so anyways). Enjoy. Incredible Weight Watchers Hoax from Joe Leech

All The Gear & No Idea – Put Down The Protein!


“Do you, Popeye, take this protein supplement drink, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” “I do,” said Popeye, swiping his credit card at the sales desk of Supplement Warehouse. … Alright, I know that scene is dumb and doesn’t make any sense. […]