On Getting The Flick, Building My First Door, Enjoying Peanuts, & The Digital Nomad (Part 1)

So we got the flick. I lost my job.sign_quote

I mean it’s not facebook official yet, but I will be changing my work status back to “self unemployed” in the near future.

Long story short, the government funding for my remote work was pulled. This was done to save money, because they blew out their budget. I won’t go into more details but I’ll just say there are many advantages and many disadvantages with this choice.

You should know the dietetic service we provided was “shifted” rather than cancelled, so we can’t vilify the government. Very cunning.

And whilst the new crew taking over undoubtedly have the skills to do so, they’re expected to continue the service with a fraction of the time and money that we had access to. We all know it won’t be the same.

The way the transition of service was done though in a way represents what is wrong with this whole system and why Aboriginal health is messed up in the first place.

The bottom line.

Did the bureaucrats ask community clinic managers or local Aboriginal people (whether our clients or elders in the community) what service they want or if the service was helpful to them?

Of course not.

Why would they ask the locals? What would Aboriginal people know about health services they need? And who cares what they think about it anyways, as long as voters can see the government have services in place.

It’s all bullshit.

At least I will always have Top End Bush Radio to stream wherever I am 🙂

Three things I learnt from getting the flick:

1. The government sucks (actually I knew this already but it has reassured me).

I was working in a government job last year but decided to contract to a private company for many reasons. But my contract at the private company was still government funded and controlled. And in the end they still got me!

2. If you pay attention, life seems to give you hints as to what you should do next.

At least I think that’s been happening to me. I had been getting all sorts of subtle clues encouraging me to change direction and pursue a new passion.


Losing my job was the icing on a big cake that had been baking for a while. Does anyone else find life drops them clues sometimes?

3. I have to learn to build.

Metaphorically that is. I’m a terrible handyman.

You know that saying “When one door closes, another one opens?” It’s kinda the case here, but the problem is to me the other doors look tired, old, and broken.

So I’m going to build my own door.

Create something from nothing.

How do I plan to build this door?

Explained in Part 2.

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  1. nice to hear someone else has work changes they are not always in control of for their own future direction as far as job career.
    had many job changes myself so will look forward to reading the “part two”.

    • Hi Ross
      It was lucky for me that this all happened at the end of the year when my contract was due to finish up anyways, so i wasn’t left high and dry so to speak. It’s the nature of contract work I guess!
      Thanks for stopping by!